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An Interview with the Chair of PHASE Worldwide - By Shaun Bennett

Updated: May 7, 2021

This week I interviewed one of the founders and the current Chair of PHASE Worldwide and I have been given permission to share this message from Nick and his wife Marie about their fundraising efforts on Saturday 8 May 2021.

Listen to the short interview with Nick and, if you can, make a big difference with a small donation through this sponsorship opportunity, or by directly donating at and following the Start Strong link on the home page.

Here’s Nick’s message:

On Saturday 8th May, Marie and myself will be climbing Blencathra in the Lake District as part of PHASE Worldwide’s Walk for Nepal event.

Knowing me you won't be surprised that this request for sponsorship/support for what looks like is going to be a pretty wet ordeal is reaching you later than I would've wished.

Still better late than never as they say. We are hugely excited and proud to say that the event forms part of PHASE Worldwide’s first ever UK Aid Match appeal. Up until the 25th June, all donations made will be matched by the UK Government. £1 = £2 towards our important work in Nepal. Your support will have double the impact.

We will be walking to empower 1,000 women and their children. The appeal will fund a three-year project which will improve maternal healthcare, livelihoods, and nutrition to ensure that women can give their children a strong start in life.

  • A £10 donation, doubled to £20, could pay for 12 Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) to receive training in maternal healthcare, enabling them to support mothers in giving their children a strong start in life.

  • A £13 donation, doubled to £26, could pay for two antenatal care meetings, providing women with advice on topics such as emotional and physical health during pregnancy.

  • A donation of £45, doubled to £90, could pay for 40 chicks and poultry rearing training with an agricultural technician for one woman, giving her the opportunity to develop her skills and provide a healthy and balanced diet for her entire family.

We hope you consider supporting us, and in turn, support women to be stronger, confident, and more resilient long into the future.

Please visit our JustGiving page ( to donate. Alternatively, please write a cheque to PHASE Worldwide and send it to PHASE Worldwide, Brunswick Court, Bristol, BS2 8PE. Please mark N&M on the back of the cheque.

Thank you for generous support.

Kindest regards

Nick Cragg

Trustee – PHASE Worldwide

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