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Coming out of Lockdown

A year ago, my local Bar in Sliema (Malta) re-opened after an extended Lockdown. There were lots of celebrations, little suspecting that we would have to go through all this once again.

On the 7th of June ('Sette Giugno' Bank Holiday), the Plough & Anchor re-opens. I really cannot wait for this, to spend more great times there!

It's a long journey, but we're we're getting there, thanks to the Vaccination campaign which has been excellent in Malta.

Personally it's been very difficult, as being unable to travel, has stopped me seeing my Fiancée and Stepdaughter for nine months (and counting). The latest news from the UK is very frustrating, hopefully sense will prevail and I can get back soon....

Anyway, to celebrate the Plough & Anchor re-opening, I'm going to play again an hour 'special' I recorded last July. It my first attempt at at interviewing (as you can probably tell), but it was great to talk to the owner, his family and my fellow customers. It's on at 6pmmon Monday the 7th, I really hope you enjoy it!

I enjoyed it so much, I'm going to do it again at some point. Once you get the interviewing 'bug', it doesn't go away...

If you do get to the Plough & Anchor when everything returns. If you see a tall, dark-haired, good looking bloke, ignore him and introduce yourself to the little, fat Yorkshireman in the corner

, I'll be glad to buy you a beer!

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