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Getting ready for 'In My Life'

Had a great two hours last night, interviewing with my old friend Andrew (Craig) Shepherd. Andrew is the first guest on my new show 'In My Life' where I'll be interviewing people about, yes you've guessed it, about their lives....I've got some great guests lined up!

Andrew is an Actor, Writer and Tutor at Rotherham College. His career began in 1996, with a part in 'When Saturday Comes' and he's been busy ever since. His latest project is a sitcom he has written, based in Sheffield, in which he's also the Lead Actor. I've been helping out as an observer at the 'Read-throughs' and I can tell you that it's a great piece of work!

He's a very interesting and entertaining guy, I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did. It will be broadcast in the next few weeks.

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