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Loving Interviewing!

In the past few weeks I've had the great privilege to interview some great people and 'In My Life' has finally started to be broadcast every Monday at 4pm, repeated at 7pm. This week it's all about DJ Steve Knight and about his experiences at the heart of 80s Sheffield nightlife as a resident DJ at Cairo Jax. It was great fun meeting and talking to Steve, hope you enjoy the interview.

Next up is Author Tony Hennig in a really interesting show about the process of writing books and then David Armstrong of Funeral Management Services who has conducted over 15,000 Funeral so far and has some really valuable advice....

After that it's Comedian Via Footring talking about his burgeoning career and Actor/Director Alan Marni talking about his life and as an Actor and new career as a Director, especially his new sitcom 'Simply Ken', which will feature Sheffield. There's lots more to come!

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